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Energy Technology Innovation

AloGen specialises in the design and careful integration of renewably-fuelled combined heat and power plants into the built environment – with long-term operational support to deliver reliable and affordable low-carbon heat and power.

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Planning, Design and Consultancy

Alogen can help plan, design and develop all aspect of a low-carbon energy project - regardless of whether it's a new-build or retro-fit application.

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Low and Zero-Carbon Energy Centres

Alogen offers an wide range of renewable energy generation technologies which can be tailored to the specific energy demands of a building.

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Energy Centre Operation and Maintenance Services

AloGen provides a range of operation and maintenance services that cover every aspect of a low or zero-carbon heat and power energy centre.

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Britain's Big Six energy suppliers are to face tighter rules on how they report their costs, revenues and profits: http://t.co/AEWGpCbuwr

Zero-Carbon Future for District Heating

Spurred on by DECC’s drive to decarbonise the UK’s heat supplies, many owners and developers of district heating networks have, up until now, only dreamt of supplying their consumers with zero-carbon heat. The dream is now a reality and, according to a Gloucestershire-based renewable energy company, well within the grasp of developers via a new biomass-fuelled heat and power generation system.

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