Packaged District Heating Energy Centres

AloGen Limited has developed an innovative, pre-packaged energy centre that is perfect for generating low and zero-carbon energy for district heating networks.

Fuelled by woody biomass in the form of chip, the system uses a well-proven advanced gasification technology to produce a clean and highly calorific gas that can power a conventional CHP system to efficiently produce both heat and power.

Bob Stamp, director of AloGen commented: “We are very mindful of the challenges that the UK is facing in terms of meeting its commitment to reduce carbon emissions from the built environment. With our new design of off-site manufactured energy centres, we can ensure that low and zero-carbon heat is easily generated –not only meeting this country’s binding targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but delivering affordable heat to consumers.”

“The carbon savings that this system can deliver is huge when compared to grid-supplied alternatives – it can also be scaled to meet the needs of most sizes of project – from smaller networks supplying residential consumers – right up to city-wide networks satisfying a diverse range of connected load.”

The AloGen system offers a complete packaged solution – including all necessary fuel handling systems, which can include semi-automated wood chip production and rapid drying to maintain a consistent moisture content within the fuel – something that’s important in gasification systems.

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