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Low and Zero-Carbon Energy Centres

Whether it’s a new build or retro-fit application, AloGen excels in providing total turnkey energy centres – that integrate leading technologies to delivering exemplar performance. Although we pride ourselves on innovation, we will only ever introduce proven technologies into our energy centres – as reliable operation is paramount.


We offer a comprehensive range of low and zero-carbon heat and power generation technologies. We are not a manufacturer - so we’re free to select the most appropriate plant and equipment required in order to satisfy a system’s energy demands – whatever the application:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • District heating
  • Small industrial
  • Mixed-use developments

Technology Selection

Offering total, turnkey energy centre systems, we have extensive experience in the following fuel / technology combinations:

  • Biomass-fuelled heat and power generation – advanced gasification systems feeding reciprocating Combined Heat and Power (CHP).
  • Bio-liquid-fuelled reciprocating CHP
  • Biomass – heat-only, traditional boiler systems
  • Natural gas-fuelled reciprocating CHP
  • Natural gas-fuelled traditional heat-only boilers

Off-Site Manufacture

We can fully plan, design and install our systems into existing energy centres, or alternatively, we can provide off-site-manufactured plant assemblies to speed up the on-site installation - thereby improving the quality of installation and minimising disruption.